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K4-3rd are introduced to math competencies with Bob Jones curriculum to build a solid foundation. Then, 4th & 5th-grade students move into the number one math choice for middle school preparation using Saxon Math.

Language Arts

The elementary students will study Spelling, Handwriting, Reading, and Language using the BJU Press curriculum.

Bible, History, and Science
CCA creates learning communities within the Bible, Science, and History subjects by working on the same topic of study explicitly tailored to their grade level. CCA makes this process fun by incorporating hands-on projects to build a love for the subject matter and interactive outdoor activities.


Art, Music, and Drama Classes

Overall by the end of 5th grade, students will have:

  • Explored the Bible 

  • Experienced America's story from the ancient Americas to Modern times through Master Books

  • Sown a love for science while affirming the truth of creation with God's design for science

  • Enjoyed outdoor classroom days by learning how to grow your own food

Elementary: Our Programs
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